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Success Through Participation

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About our school

At Goulburn East Public School we are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of kind, friendly and diligent students. Our students are supported by a very motivated and involved parental community and a team of dedicated and hard-working teachers.

At our school, each individual student is catered for. Individual learning needs and accomidations are provided for in a nurturing and fostering approach. Every staff member, teaching and clerical, knows every student by name. We all know the individual traits, differences, likes and dislikes of each student in our school; this makes for a very productive and happy learning environment for all.

An active school community has led to the development of sound relationships between parents, students and school. This in turn has supported school activities, school initiatives and site improvements. Goulburn East School aims to develop the full potential of each student by engaging her or him in a wide range of academic, sporting, cultural and social activities. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, behaviour and attitudes towards others leading to "Success Through Participation". Success is gained by attempting activities, understanding weaknesses and developing strengths.

Our parental community play a very important role in the smooth operation of our school. The Parents and Citizens (P&C) association meet each month and we work collaboratively to enhance the academic and social pursuits of our students. Our school welcomes and encourages parental input.

The teaching team at Goulburn East is both devoted and professional. Our students are extremely fortunate to have such a commendable group of teachers leading them on their journey of discovery and facilitating their learning experiences.

At Goulburn East, it is the wonderful students that come into our school every day ready to learn, participate and work together that make it such a special place; a wonderful place to work.

I am very fortunate to be leading such a magnificent school. I look forward to working with you and your familiy in the years ahead if you so choose to join the East team.

Mrs Charmian Cribb - Principal

Please find the below link to our School Information Booklet.

In this document, you should find all necessary information you might need about our wonderful school.

If you would like more information about the school, or would like to make an appointment to speak with our school principal, Mrs Charmian Cribb, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 02 4821 4007.

Goulburn East PS Information Booklet

Take a tour around the grounds of our beautiful school.

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